Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society

The ‘Afghanistan Institute for Civil Society’ (AICS) is a concept that has been incubating for several years amongst Afghanistan’s civil society community, following the 2007 Enabling Environment conference convened by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Aga Khan Development Network, in partnership with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program and the Asia Development Bank. One of the key recommendations from the conference was to establish independent certification bodies for civil society organizations that are recognized by Government, the private sector, donor agencies and civil society.

AICS is pleased to publish its Policy Brief on the financial sustainability of CSOs in Afghanistan.  A first in a series of Policy Briefs, this paper discusses CSOs’ financial sustainability, highlights key trends, issues and opportunities, and provides recommendations to donors, Afghan government and Afghan civil society.  AICS prepared the brief based on qualitative field research both in Kabul and key provinces as well as desk review.

The Policy Brief series serve as one of AICS’ follow up initiatives to its 2016 State of the Enabling Environment report findings and recommendations. This brief was presented to CSOs, donors and government officials, followed by a roundtable discussion on next steps.

AICS’ next policy brief will focus on CSO-government relationship and collaboration.

Policy Brief-Financial Sustainability of CSOs in Afghanistan-March 29, 2017

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