17 May 2016

For Afghanistan

The CSO Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Afghanistan looks at the sustainability of the civil society sector based on an assessment by local civil society representatives and experts. The CSOSI is an important tool for civil society organizations (CSOs), governments, donors and academics for understanding and measuring the sustainability of the CSO sector. This publication complements other editions of the CSOSI which together now cover 70 countries and territories in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, and Pakistan. The Index scores seven interrelated dimensions of CSO sustainability: Legal Environment, Organizational Capacity, Financial Viability, Advocacy, Service Provision, Infrastructure, and Public Image. These scores are averaged to produce an overall score for CSO sustainability.

For more information please click below link to download the full report:


1- 2015-CSOSI-report-Afghanistan 09-16-2016–DEC

2 -2014-CSOSI-report-Afghanistan

3- 2014-Flyer-CSO Sustainability Index-Eng

4- 2014-Flyer-CSO Sustainability Index-Dari

5- 2015-Flyer CSO Sustainability Index-English

6- 2015-Flyer CSO Sustainability Index-Dari